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How to purchase Uplifting

Uplifting is free to use. However, if you want access to progress and the ability to create multiple routines, you'll need to subscribe to Uplifting Pro.

Why am I being asked to subscribe to Uplifting?

An Uplifting Pro subscription enables us to continue building Uplifting to make it the best routine app ever created. With Uplifting Pro, you get:

* Unlimited updates as we grow our habit library
* Unlimited routines
* Access to all routine completion celebrations

... and anything awesome we can think of in the future!

Why did you make Uplifting?

Executing a routine with healthy habits are hard! You never have enough time, and if you get into it, you lose track of time before life catches up. We wanted to make routines an easy part of your life to help you build life-long positive habits.

Can I add time to a habit?

To add time, just drag the balloon for the habit DOWN.

That was cool, anything else?

Here are just a few tips:

* Long press on a balloon to get a list of options to skip, pause or mark done a habit
* Tap on the bottom of the timer, to get a roadmap of habits you need to complete and when you might get them done
* Tap on a habit on the roadmap to redo the habit if you marked it done by accident
* Use the roadmap as an alternative timer to zone in when you need to focus
* You can pause, skip, and mark done a habit on the roadmap
* Before you start a routine, you can change its order or skip the routine for the day
* You can complete habits out of order
* You can cure world hunger (okay, not yet but maybe in the next version)